[ share ] Photodex ProShow Producer & GOLD 9.0.3771--Activation ONLY

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    Photodex ProShow Producer 9.0.3771

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    Photodex ProShow Gold 9.0.3771

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    - Install program by choosing Trial. Choose "No" to reboot question.

    - Don't launch the program after it's installed.

    - Run Activation as Admin. It's set to default location, you can customize if you located in another path than default.

    - Merge the provided reg entry.

    - Block program in firewall for both incoming and outgoing connections.

    - Created a couple of slideshows in 720p media type by importing all effects and transitions, no issues are met.

    - If you use the program, consider buying it to support it's development.

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    File crack của Proshow Gold 9.0 đã có chung trong file down luôn hả Anh