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    Adobe After Effects CS6 v11.0.0.378 Multilingual (x86/x64)


    Adobe After Effects CS6 v11.0.0.378 Multilingual (x86/x64) | 970 MB
    Adobe® After Effects® CS6 software lets you deliver cinematic visual effects and motion graphics faster than ever before with new Global Performance Cache. Extend your creativity with built-in text and shape extrusion, new mask feathering options, and the fast, easy-to-use 3D Camera Tracker. Create visual effects faster in Adobe® After Effects® CS6 software with Global Performance Cache, which optimizes and keeps your previews so you can beat deadlines instead of waiting for frame updates. Boost your creativity with a new 3D engine for text and shape extrusions, a 3D camera tracker, and variable-width mask feathering.

    New Features:

    Global Performance Cache

    Create more in less time. With new Global Performance Cache, your previews are saved and ready when you are — no more waiting for the application to catch up. This revolution "under the hood" makes After Effects extremely fast and responsive by taking full advantage of the power of your computer’s hardware for visual effects and motion graphics.

    3D Camera Tracker

    Track 3D elements with complete control over depth of field, shadows, and reflections. Automatically analyze and place 3D track points onto 2D footage in the background while you work.

    Ray-traced, extruded text and shapes

    Extrude fully ray-traced text and shapes natively and take full advantage of reflections, environment maps, and more.

    Variable mask feathering

    Create a separate set of splines to precisely control mask feathering. Get the exact shape you want with the proper degree of softness at any point along the mask edge, resulting in a big boost to creative flexibility.

    Integration with Adobe Illustrator

    Instantly convert Illustrator vector art (AI and EPS format) into shape layers. Easily animate vector art in 2D or extrude to 3D.

    Rolling Shutter Repair

    Remove rolling shutter artifacts such as skew and wobble without forcing stabilization.

    New and updated effects

    Enhance your creativity with 90 new and updated built-in effects, including the complete 16- and 32-bit CycoreFX HD suite.

    Avid AAF and FCP 7 XML file import with Pro Import AE

    Import and work with files created in Apple Final Cut Pro 7 or earlier versions, as well as Avid Media Composer and Symphony, letting you integrate After Effects with professional production workflows.

    mocha for After Effects CS6

    Launch mocha for After Effects CS6 directly within After Effects CS6*.
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    Download Adobe After Effects CS6 (64 bit) link Media File

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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (64bit) Link Media File

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    video hướng dẫn bị xóa r. help me! :((

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    Bản Cs6 này có cho win 7 32bit không hả bạn

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    win 7 32bit chạy bản nào hả bạn ?

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    32bit thì chỉ dùng được thử AE cs4 trở về trước thôi nhé bạn, còn cs5 và cs6 không dùng 32bit được

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    link die rồi chủ thớt ơi.fix giùm được ko